Management Team

David Ives – Founder and Chief Executive Officer

David Ives CEO TVEyesDavid Ives is the founder of TVEyes and the creator, along with a team of highly skilled developers, of its core technology. For nearly 30 years, Mr. Ives has focused on designing custom databases and highly specialized software. Under the banner of his prior entrepreneurial endeavor, Victory Systems Associates Inc., he designed, developed and implemented numerous processes for Commercial, Service and Internet companies. Before founding Victory Systems, Mr. Ives was employed by Alexander and Alexander, Inc. and the Tennessee Farmers Cooperative in various software development capacities. He holds an A.S. in Business Data Processing from Nashville State Technical Institute and a B.A. in Information Science from Fordham University.

Dan Miles – Senior Vice President – New Business

Dan Miles SVP New Business at TVEyesDan’s mission is to help TVEyes grow by driving product management, strategic partnerships and global expansion. His background includes business model innovation and revenue growth at Cablevision Systems Corp., consulting to media and communications companies on subscription business models and investment banking at UBS and Chemical Bank. Dan holds a M.S. in Management from MIT Sloan School of Management and a B.S. in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.

James Hayter – Chief Technology Officer

James Hayter TVEyesJames Hayter has been with TVEyes since its inception, helping to conceive the core technology and create the software. Mr. Hayter explores emerging technologies, conducts testing and analysis, and modifies the existing TVEyes system to expand its capabilities and improve overall performance. In addition, he is an expert in voice recognition technologies and creates applications implementing speech-to-text and phonetics to solve a range of industry needs. Before joining TVEyes, Mr. Hayter joined Victory Systems Inc. in February 1993 as a software developer. At Victory Systems, he focused primarily on designing and deploying the world’s first automated hotel check-in and check-out system — both hardware and software. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Clemson University.

Larry Gallo – Senior Vice President – Global Sales

Larry Gallo TVEyesLarry Gallo is one of the most skilled and experienced sales professionals in the broadcast monitoring arena. Larry helps to establish TVEyes as the epicenter for outstanding innovation, quality and service in the field of software-as-a-service for broadcast media monitoring & search. Larry has achieved highly successful business practices throughout the USA, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and the UK, with an office in HK. Larry graduated from the SUNY Stony Brook Honors College Magna cum Laude, and is a proud member of Phi Beta Kappa. Larry works extensively with the Pentagon as well as Presidential, Gubernatorial, Congressional, Senatorial, Assembly and Mayorial political campaigns & offices. Through TVEyes, Larry delivers essential rapid response and war room components for the research and news monitoring aspects for our clients’ mission.

David Seltzer – Systems Architect

David Seltzer TVEyesDavid Seltzer joined TVEyes in 2003. Mr. Seltzer develops user-facing products to serve TVEyes’ customers and partners. He is responsible for creating TVEyes’ unique spoken word search capabilities. Additionally, Mr. Seltzer is responsible for developing infrastructure projects to improve communications between TVEyes’ remote monitoring facilities. Before coming to TVEyes, he worked as a software consultant for Nestle Waters of North America, designing in-house network management software. Prior to that Mr. Seltzer wrote content replication software for streaming startup Microcast Inc. Mr. Seltzer has a B.S. in Information Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Michael Schmitt – Vice President – Sales

Michael Schmitt TVEyesMichael joined TVEyes in 2006 and is responsible for bringing in clients from Fortune 500 companies, national trade organizations, PR firms, colleges/universities, and political campaigns. Michael is a veteran of the broadcast monitoring industry, and prior to TVEyes, worked at Multivision (now Cision) for many years, helping to grow their New York sales office from 2 people to over 20. Michael is a graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT and holds a B.A. in Business Administration.