TVEyes: Global Media Monitoring Services Company


TVEyes’ mission is to organize the world’s TV and radio broadcasts and make them universally searchable by the spoken word.

To fulfill that mission, TVEyes’ founder David Ives and his team developed a new approach to broadcast monitoring that continues to set the standard for all participants in the growing field of audio/video search. As a subscriber to TVEyes Media Monitoring Suite, you’ll be able to find information in many different languages.

TVEyes is headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut and has operational facilities located across the United States and internationally. The company was formed in 1999 in the field of TV and radio monitoring and quickly became the most technically advanced media monitoring company in the world. TVEyes technology has been recognized by the United States Department of Defense as a sole source provider for key monitoring applications around the world.

The TVEyes business model has grown to encompass a wide range of services and market segments involving automated speech-to-text and advanced audio/video search. TVEyes was the first media monitoring company to deploy a worldwide network of fully automated TV and radio monitoring servers and continues to add coverage aggressively to its network.