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Video Briefing Books: Preparing a Spokesperson for a TV Interview or Segment Appearance

All public relations professionals are familiar with briefing books, as are experienced spokespeople. There are a lot of tools PR pros use to prepare a business executive or government official for a print interview. A few keystrokes on Factiva or Lexis/Nexis and you can quickly create a relevant set of print articles for your spokesperson [...]

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Media Training for Television: Recent Clips Help Spokespeople Better Prepare for TV Interviews.

Media training for spokespeople is valuable in ensuring that the outcome of a TV interview is as close as possible to the desired result. Many of us have seen unprepared spokespeople bomb on TV or just do a fair but not great job. The desired outcome of a TV interview, beyond getting your message points [...]

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Opposition Research: Using TV Search and Monitoring for Political Campaigns

An opposing politician’s gaffe, attack, flip-flop or substantive speech as aired on TV can support long-term opposition research projects and create an immediate opportunity for your campaign to counterattack or use as fodder within the news cycle – but only if you have complete and accurate source material. In order to be most credible, your [...]

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