Published On: March 10, 2023

The TVEyes team has developed a new custom dataset that can query the TVEyes Podcast Archive from June 2019 onward. The dataset includes measurement information where available and enables customers to answer specific research questions such as, “which podcasts mentioned my product in the transcript in the last 2 years?”

Podcasts continue to rise in popularity and the medium is supported by a rapid increase in advertising dollars. Savvy marketers continue to include podcasts in their client’s overall strategy as campaigns continue to be successful in raising brand awareness and purchase intent. With TVEyes custom curated datasets, brands can now correlate mentions in historical podcast episodes against KPIs such as web traffic and sales.

Custom datasets are available via XML delivery direct from TVEyes to the customer. TVEyes monitors more than 40,000 podcasts globally and transcribes more than 7,000 shows daily.

If your customers require historical podcast data please reach out to us via email at