Published On: January 5, 2023

Hundreds of national and state campaigns and public office holders from both the Democratic and Republican parties have depended on TVEyes to meet their broadcast monitoring needs.

In fact, more than 50 percent of the current US House of Representatives and Senate rely on TVEyes to keep them apprised on key information broadcast on US TV and Radio. In most instances, TVEyes supplies our services to their campaigns. And we help Congressional and Senate committees and party caucuses as well.

But our involvement in the national US political system does not end with the US Congress. TVEyes helps the Executive Branch and leading Federal Government Agencies, Regulators and policy makers to research and stay aware of key topics and opinions. TVEyes serves over half of the 14 Federal Government Departments and their associated agencies.

Finally, TVEyes helps states and municipalities monitor broadcast coverage. With broadcast coverage of every US media market, TVEyes is able to deliver local as well as national and international broadcast monitoring, making it the ideal solution for any municipal, regional, state or national level campaign.

In our Broadcast Monitoring for Elections Playbook, we explore how TVEyes can help with everything from debate preparation to media and interview preparedness, to opposition research and more. Download it today!

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Broadcast Media Monitoring Can Help yYour Candidate Win an Election Playbook
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