Published On: March 3, 2016

Fairfield, Conn., July 29 – TVEyes was assigned U.S. patent 9,087,331 CONTEXTUAL ADVERTISING FOR VIDEO AND AUDIO MEDIA for the invention by David J. Ives and David B. Seltzer of a system to present contextually relevant advertisements based on words spoken in a video or audio segment being played via the Internet. The patent was originally applied for on August 29, 2007. The patent as granted on July 21, 2015 may be seen at this link at the USPTO.

“We recognized early on the need to more effectively monetize video and audio assets and live streams on the Internet, and invented this capability to help media properties provide a more compelling user experience and also capitalize on the value of their visits and content,” said David J. Ives, president and chief executive officer of TVEyes, Inc. “We’ll be actively seeking to license our patented method for serving contextually relevant advertisements and welcome inquiries from site and application owners, as well as ad serving networks that are seeking to increase revenue and profitability while also providing a better user experience.”

Contextual advertising is different from other advertising that might be placed within a video or audio player in that it is selected based on the content of the words spoken within the content being played. Before this invention, contextually relevant advertising could only be presented via keywords in metadata associated with the content.

In contrast to labor-intensive hand-coded metadata, TVEyes creates a Spoken Word Index™ for every word in a video or audio file, which is then used to dynamically drive the ad serving system each time the media is played.

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