Published On: January 24, 2024

There is perhaps no greater testament to a product’s value and utility than when customers say so. That’s why the diversity of organizations that use TVEyes – as well as the breadth and depth of ways they depend on us – is at the same time humbling and reaffirming.

Nearly 25 years ago, we sought out to be the company our customers could count on for easy, fast and accessible broadcast monitoring coverage. Today, we continue to hold that aspiration – even as the technology we use to do it has changed, as our analytic capabilities have evolved and as our global capture network has grown beyond anything else available on the market.

We are the go-to provider of audio and video content used to guide strategic decision making at thousands of organizations around the globe and we are the back-end provider of that content to many other media monitoring tools. We offer APIs that give customers access to our data and we have developed our own technology to understand language, to turn speech into text, and to translate it for users. We have developed innovative partnerships that allow us to expand the capabilities we offer and the languages we offer them in. And as brands sought to reach consumers across mediums like online video and podcasts, we quickly added them.

From that perspective it’s not hard to imagine why a renowned luxury fashion brand turned to us to help them maintain their premium image and understand public perception of their products. Or, why a premier sports organization with a massive fan base uses TVEyes to efficiently manage their media presence across multiple channels. Today, hundreds of elected officials monitor broadcast media, acquire real-time and historical mentions, and analyze coverage trends and emerging narratives.

One of our earliest clients was a leading global financial institution seeking comprehensive, real-time audio and video content tracking and analysis; fifteen years later, we’re still delivering for them. In fact, most of the world’s major media intelligence services use TVEyes for their broadcast content offering because it has become the industry standard.

As we prepare to rollout a new and updated version of our media monitoring platform and as we continue to develop and deliver new product innovations, we consistently bear in mind the ways our customers and partners use our audio and video content and intelligence and how we can continually enhance that experience.

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