Published On: July 18, 2023

Fairfield, CT – TVEyes, a global provider of audio and video intelligence tools for data-driven professionals, today announced the launch of its newest broadcast audio and video solution: Ad Detection.

This new solution allows TVEyes users to identify ads in broadcast content and, conversely, identify content that does not contain ads. This is a critical capability, for example, for those looking to monitor the organic news coverage of a brand, topic, or influencer and to separate it from paid advertising content.

“We are thrilled to bring this solution to our clients,” TVEyes Chief Commercial Officer Daren Benzi said. “We know that this has been a long-standing hurdle for decision makers who rely on audio and video content. By combining proprietary audio-fingerprinting technology with our decades of expertise in this rich content set, we have delivered a powerful solution that overcomes that hurdle.”

Using cutting edge technology, TVEyes can now automatically discover when ads appear on broadcast television. This information allows customers searching for brand mentions to easily separate search results into “earned” and “paid” mentions, silence troublesome alerts, and discover competitive advertising campaigns.

The Ad Detection solution will initially launch for U.S. channels before expanding to other markets.

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