Published On: March 9, 2021

Fairfield, CT – TVEyes, global provider of audio and video intelligence tools for data-driven professionals and the only broadcast monitoring service with its own speech-to-text (STT) technology, today announced the launch of TVEyes Language Technology Labs, known as TLT Labs, a first-of-its kind endeavor dedicated to the expansion and advancement of STT technologies.

TLT Labs is a joint venture between TVEyes and PerVoice, which is an Italian company specializing in the use of advanced Machine Learning algorithms and Neural Networks for the transcription of speech with the utmost simplicity and accuracy. Together, via TLT Labs, the two companies will focus on continuous innovation and optimization of STT technology, specifically, improvements in accuracy and speech decoding and the development of new, high-quality language models.

“The formation of TLT Labs comes at an important time for us at TVEyes,” TVEyes Chief Commercial Officer Daren Benzi said. “We are now transcribing more content than ever before with nearly 2,700 broadcast channels across 25 countries, and in more than 20 languages. This is nearly 2 million hours of content each month, while we’re also processing nearly 120,000 hours of podcast content each month. Doing all of this with unparallelled accuracy will be a huge difference-maker for us and our clients and partner.”

As a valued partner of TVEyes, TLT Labs will be a valuable and collaborative resource to help deliver improvements in language models, and to submit and train new language models with real and ongoing customer input. They’ll also help to reduce or eliminate false positives and other inefficiencies, expand the language library, and work on complex or difficult search terms that may impact overall accuracy.

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