Ways to Use TVEyes

Below you’ll find valuable resources as you consider media monitoring solutions. This page is regularly updated with Ways to Use TVEyes and other resources that will support decision-making as you select a media monitoring service. Be sure to check back often.

TVEyes PIO PlayBook

Playbook: 7 Reasons Why PIOs Should Make Broadcast Media Monitoring a Daily Habit

With police, fire departments and government officials always on the frontline, PIOs often need to juggle both the unexpected and daily community relations. This playbook illustrates why broadcast media monitoring is a must-have for a PIO tasked with building strong relationships between their organization and the communities it serves.

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Building the Case for Broadcast Monitoring

PR Agency Playbook: 14 Ways Broadcast Media Monitoring Can Help You Grow and Improve Client Service

If your clients are on TV, or you are committed to getting them there, this playbook is for you. Covers research through to reporting. Also shows how to use Broadcast Monitoring to differentiate your agency during new business pitches.

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PIO Webinar: Influence Coverage & Outcomes with Broadcast Media Monitoring

Informing, correcting and responding to the media is an important part of the Public Information Officer’s (PIO’s) job, but monitoring the news can be time consuming. This webinar provides a brief overview of broadcast media monitoring and then dives a little deeper into how it can be put to use in practice.

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Media Training Kit

Enhance Media Training with Broadcast Media Monitoring: Free Kit with Exclusive T.J. Walker Video and Books

Every good spokesperson knows that preparation is key to a great interview. Our media training kit helps you run sessions that integrate real TV and radio coverage into your training day.

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How to Build the Crisis-Ready Organization Playbook

Crisis Management Playbook: Building the crisis-ready organization with broadcast media monitoring

Crisis impacts corporations, governments, schools and non-profits nearly every day of the year. Most of these events make it onto local and regional TV and radio and many become national news as well. For many organizations it’s not if, but when you’ll be thrust into the news due to unforeseen circumstances. The question is, how will you prepare?

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Broadcast Media Monitoring Can Help yYour Candidate Win an Election Playbook

Election Campaign Playbook: Helping your candidate win an election with broadcast media monitoring

Playbook for national, state and local elections shows how TVEyes broadcast intelligence can help you win the battle for media supremacy. The 24/7 news cycle can be your friend or Achille’s heel. With TVEyes, you will have a better prepared campaign and candidate – and a better chance of winning the election.

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The New Head of PR's First 100 Days

The New Head of PR’s First 100 Days

Don’t leave your first impression to chance. Play it smart and create a roadmap that helps you prove your value from day one. Our eBook covers the best practices and action items to position you for success. Identify opportunities, establish your reputation and avoid common pitfalls.

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Download the Free E-Book Now

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Free Trial Offer

Ask about our free trial for qualified users. Then you can see for yourself if TVEyes fits your requirements.

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