Published On: April 23, 2024

Not a Moment Too Soon and Not an Offering You’ll Find Anywhere Else.

By: Susan Aitkin, TVEyes Director, Global Partnerships & Partner Marketing

According to a 2023 Pew Research survey, 42 percent of Americans over the age of 12 had listened to a podcast in the preceding month. One in three said they’d listened to a podcast in the preceding week.

According to another study from Acast, marketers looking to reach direct-to-consumer (DTC) shoppers say that podcasts are the most effective audio medium for their message. Remarkably, 98% of DTC marketers globally and 99% in the U.S. say podcasting is effective in reaching relevant consumers.

Clearly, podcasts are a valuable medium for brands to reach key audiences. And data about those audiences is incredibly important for brands to access, analyze, and act upon.

That’s why TVEyes has continually evolved and enhanced our podcast offerings. Our Global Podcast Monitoring & Data Solutions is an innovative audio intelligence tool that empowers customers to discover, monitor, measure, contact, and report on their podcast-earned media mentions and relevant conversations impacting business strategies and outcomes.

  • Podcast data is important for market researchers who want to gather comprehensive data on listeners, their preferences, and consumption habits so that they can infuse these insights into their research efforts.
  • It’s data that is essential for public relations professionals looking to track the effectiveness of their campaigns across podcast channels and to understand listener demographics so they can more effectively pitch these influencers and optimize their campaigns.
  • And podcast data is what media agencies use to identify influencers and potential influencers, assess audience demographics, and measure the impact of host-sponsored ads.

We monitor more than 50,000 podcasts globally and offer rich listenership information across half of those podcasts– more than any other platform. Paired with that, is aggregated demographic data on an individual podcast so users can understand who’s listening, in what regions, with what preferences, and more. We also offer contact information about those associated with a podcast – hosts, guests, producers, etc.

Our continued innovation in language technology and analytics means we can offer users the richest podcast data and metadata available. We recognize the significant power and influence that podcasts harness and have invested accordingly so that decision-makers can leverage podcasts to the fullest and achieve their strategic objectives like never before.

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