Published On: March 3, 2016

London, 4th February 2014. The Super Bowl has once again proved that it is a sports event that captures the attention of the world, not just the US.

New insight released today by TVEyes shows how the share of “media buzz” for the game in New York rivaled established sporting competitions across a range of markets outside of the USA.

Analysis of television news coverage up to 11.30 CET Monday 3rd February showed that overall The Super Bowl and the new Champions Seattle Seahawks took the largest share of “media buzz” when compared to other events and teams.

Super Bowl vs Davis Cup Broadcast Media Buzz Chart


Despite each of the markets sampled having teams competing in Davis Cup World Group action, Super Bowl received almost twice as many mentions (Even in the UK where the GB team defeated US to reach ¼ finals for the first time since 1986).

The new champions Seattle Seahawks also came out on top when compared to leading teams in the sample markets, claiming a 35% share when compared to Juventus (22%), Arsenal (22%) and Real Madrid (21%).

Share of Broadcast Media Buzz for Seattle Seahawks vs Juventus Arsenal Real Madrid Chart

Share of Broadcast Media Buzz for Seattle Seahawks vs Juventus Arsenal Real Madrid Chart

David Ives, CEO of TVEyes, The leading international broadcast monitoring company said: “Even in the new social environment, news remains a core barometer to the profile and popularity of sports events, teams and players. The media buzz report delivers the same immediacy and context available for on line metrics and adds a layer of richness to the analysis for rights holders such as the NFL as they assess their international profile.”

“In each of the markets sampled, The Super Bowl captured a significant share of voice within news coverage compared to marquee sports teams and properties,” added Ben Treadaway. “The TVEyes proprietary real time analysis provides rights owners for the first time the ability to benchmark their media popularity outside of dedicated programming and therefore understand the broader platform in which they can engage with potential new fans”.

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