Published On: September 14, 2022

As a public relations agency executive, your agency’s success is shaped by the amount of new business you win and the excellent results you consistently deliver to your clients. But how do you find and win new business that your competitors don’t know about? How do you regularly exceed client expectations? What will make your teams more effective and your agency more competitive?

You already know about the three success factors that set your agency apart from all the others: the quality of your team, your expertise in your niche, and the amazing results you deliver.

But there’s a fourth success factor: tools that give you a competitive advantage at each stage of the client life cycle.

Like other agencies, you’ve invested in operational tools to help your agency run smoothly. A streamlined workflow, a powerful customer relationship management system, and a comprehensive media relations database will meet the basic needs of all agencies. But if you want a competitive edge, you’ll need a tool that helps you gain a deep understanding of the media landscape, identify the top influencers, recognize the nuances of competitors’ posturing, and quickly grasp public opinion about developing stories. No service accomplishes this as well as broadcast monitoring.

Television is still the most influential medium, reaching millions of viewers every day. It plays a critical role in shaping public opinion. More than 97% of U.S. households have a television, and 69% of Americans say they rely on broadcast TV as their main source of news, according to Pew Research.

With television exerting this much influence, can you afford to be without broadcast monitoring in your agency? Without it, you’ll miss new business opportunities and underserve your clients. Even worse, you may put them at risk of a crisis.

To maintain a competitive edge, you and your team must demonstrate over and over that an investment in public relations will return strong results – from the first contact with a prospective client to daily relationship building and campaign execution. Unlike any other tool, broadcast monitoring will set your agency apart during every stage of the client life cycle: attract, acquire, develop, retain, and build loyalty.

In the attract phase, broadcast monitoring will help you find and connect with clients who are a good fit for the agency’s expertise. During new business pitches, it can be used to surprise prospective customers with fresh views of their media landscape. As you develop the relationship, broadcast monitoring will help you bring new ideas to the table and to create the kinds of campaigns that exceed expectations. Broadcast monitoring will not only help you retain business, but also motivate clients to refer new business to you again and again.

In this playbook, we take a closer look at each of these stages to understand just how broadcast monitoring can set your PR agency apart from the competition. Download it now!

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