Published On: September 14, 2022

How do you mitigate – or even avoid – a crisis, protect your brand, keep senior leadership on message, develop strategy or drive new business? With broadcast media monitoring, you’ll excel at every one of these challenges – and much more. With broadcast media monitoring, you stay on top of everything that airs on TV or radio about organizations, people, companies, and topics.

Public relations professionals, politicians, businesspeople, and journalists use it to track the broadcast news mentions that matter most to them. Among all the media available to consumers today, television remains the most powerful communications medium. That’s because people spend several hours a week watching live TV, making broadcast coverage an excellent way to increase brand awareness and drive more sales.

But exactly what does it mean to monitor broadcast coverage?

In the TVEyes “Everything You Need to Know About Broadcast Monitoring” guide, you’ll learn, well, everything you need to know about this topic, such as:

  • What makes TV so powerful
  • Why brand monitoring is essential to your business
  • How broadcast monitoring helps with crisis management
  • What are the top media training tips for successful broadcast interviews
  • Why your career depends on broadcast media monitoring
  • How to choose the best broadcast media monitoring service for YOU

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everything to know about broadcast media monitoring