Published On: September 14, 2022

You asked for it? You got it!

Here, by popular demand, are the 17 things you should look for in a media monitoring partner:

  • Operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year
  • Covers all 210 of the US media markets (DMA’s) in real time with multiple stations in each market
  • Monitors TV (over-the-air and cable networks) and radio broadcasts
  • Offers international markets including UK, Australia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and China
  • Allows unlimited search terms and clip results
  • Customize by individual user; full control over settings for alerts, edits, reports, and sharing
  • Provides multiple log-ins to the same organization
  • Unlimited access to broadcast alerts & search results (flat monthly fee, no surprises)
  • Presents an easily customized watch list to manage searches, including complex search terms
  • Provides both the media clip and text of the relevant results
  • Easily edit clips and create reports with multiple clips
  • Easily share clips with colleagues in multiple formats (e.g. MP4, MP3, WMV, WMA)
  • Provides cloud-based storage of unlimited clips for easy access in the future
  • Alerts and delivers relevant clips on an instant, hourly or daily basis
  • Captures programming by channel, show or time of day
  • Includes Nielsen media statistics on the value and audience for a given clip
  • Smartphone app to enable media monitoring on the go

If you’d like to learn more or check out a free trial – or if this list doesn’t describe your current media monitoring partner – contact TVEyes Sales at +1 203-254-3600 x100 or email us at