Published On: March 3, 2016

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands—(BUSINESS WIRE)–TVEyes, a leading provider of real-time search and monitoring systems for broadcasters, will work with The Associated Press to integrate its speech-to-text technology within AP’s ENPS news production system. TVEyes made the announcement at IBC 2007.

ENPS, designed by and for broadcast journalists, operates in all types of demanding news production environments, with powerful, easy-to-use features including scripting, rundowns, planning, contacts, messaging, archiving, third-party device control, news wire management, remote access capabilities, and the industry’s only fully-integrated search engine. Using the MOS protocol, ENPS supports integration of news production products developed by more than 50 companies, now including TVEyes speech-to-text technology.

“Integration of TVEyes speech-to-text within ENPS will add value to any customer’s workflow, allowing journalists to more easily locate relevant video through ENPS integrated searches,” said Eric Bowman, AP’s Director of International Business Development, Newsroom Systems. “When a journalist can quickly and easily find relevant video, the value of the entire production chain grows.”

TVEyes will automatically generate time-code aligned transcriptions for all video stored on MOS v2.8.3 compliant video servers which provide proxy images. These transcripts are then incorporated into the description of the video clip stored in ENPS. ENPS users are then able search all video content for specific words or phrases. Once the video is located, users may not only view the transcript associated with video, but also jump to the location where a specific word was spoken.

“In the large-scale production environments common in creating video for television broadcast and the Web, video without a thorough description is reduced in value, or can be lost entirely,” said TVEyes founder and CEO David J. Ives. “Automated processes which improve descriptions increase the value of content, allowing it to be more easily located, produced and repurposed.”

Additional integration with ENPS will allow TVEyes to automatically segment off-air recordings into individual story clips for use on Web sites. Previously, live newscasts were manually cut into story segments after the news program was complete. ENPS and TVEyes will automate this process by aligning scripts in the ENPS system with the spoken word in the recorded newscast. Through integration with ENPS, TVEyes will automatically cut the newscast into story segments and make them available, with descriptions and transcripts, for publication.

About TVEyes

TVEyes Inc., headquartered in Fairfield, Conn., provides online, real-time spoken word search and indexing for television and radio broadcasts, audio and video search infrastructure for search engines and broadcast production, and advertising solutions for video and audio publishing Web sites. Its Media Monitoring Suite. is in use by corporations, professional sports teams, political campaigns, elected officials and the military to provide up-to-the-second intelligence on broadcast news, in multiple languages for US and international markets. More information on TVEyes can be found at

About ENPS

AP provides production technology for many of the world’s largest and most demanding broadcasters, and the ENPS system is now used by more than 50,000 reporters, writers, editors and producers in almost 700 newsrooms in 48 countries.