Using TVEyes to Understand the Impact of Messaging & Inform Strategy

Harmony Labs is a non-profit media research studio combining the power of data, science, and creativity to research and reshape our relationship with media. They build communities and tools to realize this vision, partnering with advocates, strategists, artists, and practitioners to navigate today’s media minefield and reach and resonate with the right people. The organization has spent nearly a decade researching and prototyping with partners and funders including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Comscore, Nielsen, Open Society Foundations, and others.

Recently, Harmony Labs partnered with TVEyes to add breadth and depth to its research capabilities – and for an especially important cause.

The Goal

Together, the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and Harmony Labs wanted to understand the narratives about nuclear weapons consumed by people in the U.S. and, importantly, to identify whether there were opportunities to stage narrative interventions about denuclearization.

NTI’s hypothesis was that while people in the U.S. are regularly – and perhaps passively – exposed to messages or content involving nuclear weapons, the level of engagement around nuclear disarmament is low.

Said another way: people believe nuclear weapons are “part of life” and impossible to extract from the narrative on national security and diplomacy.

The Solution

Harmony Labs reached out to TVEyes to access our massive repository of broadcast content – spanning 12 years, 30 countries, nearly 3,000 stations and 27 languages. The assessment showed that Americans are exposed to pervasive, almost ambient, messaging about nuclear weapons across TV, online media, and video games but do not consume stories about the feasibility of denuclearization.

Looking at these findings alongside opt-in media panel research, the group concluded that Americans do care about the issue of denuclearization but don’t think it is possible given the picture presented in the media.

With this insight in hand, Harmony Labs and NTI could shift its strategy to focus on transporting audiences into a story about a nuclear weapons-free future. They need to persuade the public that denuclearization is possible more than that it is a worthy cause.

The Impact

As a result of this research effort, Harmony Labs was able to identify the most persuadable audiences as well as the opportunities for narrative interventions. The TVEyes data helped to illuminate how to create content across a variety of media types that showed the benefits of denuclearization and the growing public support for it. Harmony Labs was able to find the audiences that would be most persuadable in imagining this future, as well as the best places in media to reach them.

Knowing where to invest time and energy, and how to bring the right message to audiences, is critically important for any organization. TVEyes data is helping organizations of all types calibrate their messaging and their approach in order to make them more effective and – in this case – to have potentially world-changing impacts.

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