Published On: March 15, 2024

Fairfield, CT, March 15, 2024

Earlier this year, TVEyes announced that it had entered the vibrant and growing Middle Eastern North Africa (MENA) region. This move means it can provide clients with an unprecedented and expanding level of comprehensive global audio and video intelligence, giving them unparalleled access to diverse media sources rich with insightful and influential data.

We sat down with TVEyes Chief Commercial Officer Daren Benzi to discuss the move, why it happened, what it means, and what’s ahead. Here’s what he had to say:

Q: Why was entering the MENA market so important to TVEyes?

A: Well, we recognize the growing importance of Middle Eastern North Africa (MENA) media and its significance in delivering news and insights across various customer verticals. That includes government, policy, and consumer goods. Additionally, capturing market-moving news coverage from MENA is core to our focus on being the global leader for audio and video media intelligence. By adding MENA to our offering, and recently YouTube as well, TVEyes now provides more than 70,0000 sources of audio and video content with broadcast content across 40 countries and 50,000+ global podcasts.

Q: Tell us about the nearly 100 stations you’re covering there. How did you choose them and what do they represent?

A: Before entering any new market, we undertake an extensive review of the region and the existing providers. We also seek out feedback from our valued partners. With this key information, the company chooses the ideal and optimal content lineup to deliver value in the market. Often our initial set of content and data is optimized upon launch, but we’re fortunate that we can easily add sources as we receive additional feedback from our partners and end users. The current lineup reflects sources capable of delivering national and local news that impacts our customers.

Q: TVEyes built its own capture network, and it’s growing all the time. Why is that important?

A: We’re on a mission to be – and, more accurately, to remain – a global leader in audio and video media intelligence. We believe that audio and video content is an important part of global influencer data and competitive intelligence, and we’re focused on providing value across a wide variety of intelligent sources.

Q: What are customers saying about this new addition to your portfolio?

A: Many of our partners have been eagerly anticipating the addition of this important region. The ability to partner with a single vendor and now receive content from MENA, in addition to our existing markets in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, provides ease of business expansion and partnerships. We are already starting to see – and expect to continue to receive – a positive response from the market and end users.

Q: What’s next in terms of new markets or coverage options for TVEyes customers?

A: We still have significant ambitions to expand and deliver even more value for our clients, partners, and end users. We have several more markets and regions under development now and will be announcing more very soon. So, watch this space!

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